Sachin – A Billion Dreams

 Sachin – A Billion Dreams


Directed by: James Erskine Music by: A.R.Rahman Produced By Ravi Bhagchandka & Carnival Motion Pictures

He was only ten years old when India won the 1983 world cup

From there his journey began  and he wants to hold the Worldcup in his hands

He walked for thousand times into ground

Now for the first time, he walked into his life

Anjali- Cricket was first we were second and we accepted it.

Whenever team doesn’t perform well he wouldn’t be able to  sleep at night

Match Fixing row

Worst phase of cricket

By Sachin As a sportsman, you should learn to get back on your feet  and start competing again,

Hopes of Billion people carried by single man

Dhoni – I would tell people to let me know when Sachin comes to bat

Sachin – For me Playing Cricket is like going to temple.

Sachin:  A Billion Dreams, release on 26th may 2017

Sachin:  A Billion Dreams – Presenting Our Child Hood Hero, Watch out-Goosebumps movement,

Cricket God on Big Screen,

Finally, our endless wait comes to an end, Sachin:  A Billion Dreams trailer is out and hitting the internet like never before.

The trailer is outstanding we could say as the trailer begins with little master Sachin playing pranks with his neighbor by removing air in his car and continues with Sachin’s voice over. He was only ten years old when India won the 1983 world cup and from there, his journey began and he wants to hold the world cup in his hands.


This trailer includes Sachin personal life footage spending time with his family and which continued by Sachin wife Anjali’s voice over for him “Cricket was first we were second and we accepted it”.

The trailer also gave hint on match fixing row how he went through the difficult circumstances during that phase of his life.

And the words that everyone uses to say whenever Sachin comes to bat let me know by Mahindra Singh Dhoni.

Finally, the words from Sachin “For me, playing cricket was like going to a temple.

This word has won the accolades of every viewer. Let’s wait and see until May 26th, 2017  for the first time God of cricket ruling the silver screen.

Official Trailer on




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